CoCo .


About the Artists:

CoCo specializes in Contemporary Gestural and Abstract Expressionism art. The Artist studied the restrained inner glow technique of Mark Rothko, the gestural and layered expresssiontist technique of Wilem De Kooning and symbiotic compositional relationships created without rational control in works by Jackson Pollock and Roberto Sebastian Echaurren Matta to create a fresh perspective for the 21st century art appreciator and collector. It is delightful to see the growth of art collectors of this style of original artwork over the last five years, which symbolizes an appreciation of unrestrained emotions with a twist of zen.


“I celebrate painting as a medium of self-expression. I love creating artworks that allow the viewer to make their own visual interpretation. While I name my paintings for inventory control purposes; inevitably, I find that every person connects with my artwork for different reasons. My artwork tends to focus on ethereal luminous values to emote peace and tranquility. Some people find a personal and emotional connection with my artwork while others merely want to add a touch of color to their environment and do not think too hard about meaning, form and content. Whatever the reason is for people buying my art, I am happy that people feel good about owning my original artwork to grace their space.“